Body Wrap seen on Ellen DeGeneres

Body Wrap seen on Ellen DeGeneres is the LA Slim Wrap with Afsi Naim.


This isn’t our first time on the Ellen Show.  Ellen had Afsi wrap her for the Oscars a couple of years ago and continues to use LA SlimWrap.  Today we were asked to wrap Kym Douglas.  We will post pics and video shortly of the body wrap seen on Ellen.


2 thoughts on “Body Wrap seen on Ellen DeGeneres

  1. deborah

    hi, am trying to get an answer from kym – how can i e-mail her on the guy who
    had a bald head and got more hair by using her coconut oil and prenatal vit.

    1. Andrea Post author

      Hi Deborah. I can not give out Kim’s email or number, but you may be able to ask her through her Facebook page. I would say try there. Hope this helps. Andrea


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