About LA Slim Wrap


Afsi Naim, owner of LA SlimWrap and Hollywood’s “Body Wrap Expert” has been helping the residents of Los Angeles and numerous Hollywood celebrities achieve a more slimmer, sexier, and healthier body for more than 10 years.

“The LA SlimWrap mineral body wrap is not a dehydration process and does not just remove “excess water” from the body. It is the safest, most effective detoxifying body wrap available and you will love the results!”At LA SlimWrap we specialize in treatments that help you look better and feel better with treatments that get real and lasting results.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve real results fast… lose weight and inches (not just water)…burn fat… speed your metabolism… reduce cellulite and stretch marks… detoxify your body… have more energy… improve your skin texture… relax… relieve stress… and just feel better about yourself in the process.

So if you are ready to feel and see a change in your body, come to LA SlimWrap, where our goal is to help you reach yours.


The LA Slim Wrap Team    “The Wrap that Works!”     310-477-4922

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